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About Us

Hello & Welcome!

Amanda's Ark is owned and run by me, Amanda Fraser Fish - with my two children, Alexander & Jemima as my two very keen and knowledgeable helpers!

Having grown-up surrounded by dogs (my parents have always had Shih Tzu's) it comes as no surprise to my family and friends that this is now my life! 

Growing up, my parents' home was always the one with any number of waifs and stray dogs turning up on our doorstep for food and cuddles (1970's....different times). My dad and I were the main instigators of this and it is from him that I developed my love of animals. 

In 2002, I made the decision to stop working in London (at the time, for the NSPCC) because I knew that I wanted to have children and to work from home, running my own business. The light bulb moment came; in that I should do something that I love & be working outdoors all day every day, with animals for company. My idea of becoming a Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Home Dog Boarder and Small Animal & Cat Carer was born. This has now been expanded to include my Dog Chaperone Wedding Service too. 

Now, here we are in 2019 and I am the proud owner of Amanda's Ark -  a strong, well respected business, with a good solid customer base (and many of whom I now count as my good friends). I absolutely love what I do, it truly is a lifestyle choice, not a job and I never tire of walking my dogs, whatever the weather. 

So, it would seem that I truly am my father's daughter - and I wouldn't have it any other way!  

I look forward to meeting you and your animals soon.

Amanda. x