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Dog Socialisation

Here at Amanda's Ark, we offer a home from home environment which allows your puppy the perfect environment to grow and socialise. 

Amanda's Ark understands that early socialisation with other dogs is vital for your puppy’s development and social stimulation. Indeed, the pack acts as a natural extension of a litter; thereby allowing your puppy to socialise/interact with another puppy and/or learn from the older well behaved dogs. This service is great for your puppy as they soon build confidence around our other dogs; they can play and also engage in some practice recall/ off lead walking. Amanda's Ark will follow your set routine, ensure that your puppy is not over exercised and will have access to his bed/crate away from the other dogs to rest.

As Amanda’s Ark only takes social dogs and all play is supervised, your puppy will learn boundaries of play/interaction without the threat of being hurt or bullied by older dogs. 

If your puppy is left alone, they will be crated. Amanda’s Ark can accept puppies as soon as they are fully vaccinated. 


Full Day - From £30.00 

Part Day - From £20.00