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Dog Walking

Amanda's Ark understand that it's important for our dogs to feel stimulated, both physically and mentally. A dog without sufficient exercise or who's left home alone for long periods, will begin to exhibit behavioural problems. Boredom and excess energy can easily lead to increased anxiety and destructive behaviour in any dog. 

Amanda's Ark love dog walking and it's what we do all day, every day, whatever the weather!

We will collect your dog from your home and take him/her for at least a 1 hour dog walk, full of playing, interaction, fun, exercise and cuddles and deliver back.

Amanda's Ark believe in walking our dogs off lead (once in a safe, open space) as much as possible for maximum exercise, interaction and investigatory sniffs! Group walks are kept to under 4 dogs (where they already know each other) ensuring that all dogs get our attention and can safely play off lead.